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InnerGlo Refillable 3 Wick Candle

InnerGlo Refillable 3 Wick Candle

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Presenting the LYB InnerGlo Candle, a trinity of wicks gracefully converge to orchestrate a luminous spectacle, majestically illuminating your countertops, boudoir, or al fresco spaces with an unbridled elegance. Whether whispering tales of crisp, vivacious citrus or murmuring gentle, woodsy echoes, this premium candle curates an ambiance that transcends mere lighting, offering a journey through sensory opulence. The vessel, a robust creation in glass, exudes audacious confidence while ensuring stability and endurance, superbly capped with a bamboo lid, artfully embossed with the prestigious LYB logo. InnerGlo deftly marries potent, yet impeccably clean burning, inviting you to delve into an invigorating experience that awakens and rejuvenates your very essence. Allow your spirit to effervesce and your luminosity to cascade through every corner of your existence with the LYB InnerGlo Candle – a refillable masterpiece, designed not only to illuminate but to inspire.

Candle Care Instructions:

* Do Not Burn Candle For More Than 4 Hours At A Time.

* Always Place the Candle On A Heat-Resistant Base And Stable Surface.

* Do Not Leave Candle Unattended And Always Place Away From Kids, Pets And Flammable Objects.

* Trim Wick To 1/4 Inch Before Each Use To Ensure That Your Candle Is Burning Gently. 

* If You Notice A "Mushroom" On Your Wick Regular Trimming Will Prevent This. 

* It Is Normal for Soy Wax For The Shade To Change Color.